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The European Technology & Innovation Platform on Geothermal (ETIP-Geothermal) is delighted to announce the election of Luca Xodo as the new Chairman for the term 2024-2026.

Luxa Xodo, is the Lead Project Advisor and Global Sales and Partnerships Director of STEAM S.r.l., brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the geothermal industry to this pivotal role. 


The European Technology & Innovation Platform on Geothermal (ETIP-G) is pleased to announce the release of its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda for Geothermal technologies. This R&I agenda aims to shape the strategic plan for research and innovation (R&I) in the geothermal sector and to outline research priorities for the upcoming decades.


The vibrant city of Pisa, Italy, hosted the ETIP Geothermal Annual Conference 2023 from November 21 to 22, where members gathered for two days of enriching discussions and valuable insights. Attendees seized the opportunity to connect with industry peers, share ideas, and participate in engaging social activities. 

The conference featured a robust agenda full of insightful presentations and funding discussions, making it a pivotal event in the geothermal energy sector. Throughout the two days, participants delved into groundbreaking research and innovation results across various sessions. 

Discover the presentations available below!  

Day 1 – Tuesday, 21 of November 2023 

Discover ETIP Geothermal and its activities 

Towards a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda on Geothermal Technologies 

Working Group activities 2022-2023 

A Vision for Geothermal in 2040-2050  

Funding opportunities for R&I in geothermal 

Review of R&I project results 

A segment of the conference was dedicated to the presentation of eight project results from the Call for Presentation. This session provided a platform for sharing the outcomes of cutting-edge projects, contributing to the collective knowledge of the geothermal community. 

Day 2 – Wednesday, 22 of November 2023 

Roundtable discussion on Research and Innovation to accelerate the geothermal market deployment 

Specifically, the conference highlighted advancements in geothermal projects’ to de-risk through innovations such as closed-loop and single wells technologies. Another focal point was the innovation in high-temperature heat pumps, showcasing the latest developments in this critical aspect of geothermal energy systems. 

Session Updates on innovation: Closed loop systems 

Session Updates on innovation: High-temperature Heat Pumps  

Geothermal Facilities Symposium  

Overall, the ETIP Geothermal Annual Conference 2023 proved to be an essential conference for industry professionals, fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and a collective vision for the future of geothermal energy. 

In Brussels, the 4th and 5th of February took place the Two days Geothermal Brussels events with more than 60 participants from different European countries.

The first days was dedicated to present the first results from the GEOENVI project, the final conclusions from the consortium awarded of the EC tender: “Study on Geothermal plants’ and applications’ emissions: overview and analysis”, conducted by the Ernst&Young, RINA and VITO, which aim at setting an adapted methodology for assessing environmental impacts and risks of geothermal projects. We remind all participants to send their remarks to the consortium by this Sunday 8th of February 2020.

The day-2 was dedicated to three sessions:

– The continuation of the GEOENVI seminar dealing with mitigation measures of environmental issues and environmental regulations. This session was accompanied by case studies presentation.

– the industry workshop of the SU-DG-IWG about defining deep geothermal reference plants & assets. Feel free to send your inputs and comments to EGEC at

– the last session was and ETIP-DG meeting aiming at selecting research priorities for Horizon Europe. The next targets of the IWG-DG were also discussed. You are able to send your comments and inputs by Friday 21/02/2020

Agenda of the event


Tuesday 4th February :

Joint session: GEOENVI project and the final conclusions of the EC tender:

Wednesday 5th February :



GEOENVI national workshop for Belgium

A joint SU-DG-IWG & ETIP-DG event:

*missing presentations to come soon

A joint SU-DG-IWG & ETIP-DG event:

Industry workshop on monitoring reference plants & assets

ETIP-DG Stakeholders meeting

IWG DG SU platform for industry-research exchange:

On 23 September 2019, the Innovation Fund Workshop was followed by an ETIP-DG Stakeholders Meeting. The meeting included:


Presentations online:

The Annual Conference 2019 of the European Technology and Innovation Platform on Deep Geothermal (ETIP-DG) took place on Thursday 13th of June , in The Hague, Netherlands.

The event presented the work carried out by the platform so far and the final draft of the Implementation Roadmap, which defines the European research priorities to 2020 to 2030. The priorities have been presented, discussed and validated during the event. Latest inputs provided during the event, will be integrated in the final version of the Roadmap.


The open consultation has been recorded on May 24th, 2019 and it was related to the upcoming Implementation Roadmap for Deep Geothermal.


Prediction and assessment of resources: Adele Manzella

Resource access and development: Ben Laenen

Heat and electricity generation: Philippe Dumas

From RD&I do deployment: Philippe Dumas

Knowledge sharing: Adele Manzella

ETIP DG activities

Next steps ETIP DG

Link to the open consultation:

Download the material by clicking here