European Geothermal Research and Innovation Search Engine (EGRISE)

ETIP-Geothermal proudly unveils the European Geothermal Research & Innovation Search Engine (EGRISE). With more than 10.000 publications/tools available, the EGRISE v2.0 enables the discovery of research products (e.g. project deliverables, papers, datasets) produced in EU-funded geothermal projects and by the whole geothermal community worldwide.

This empowered version of EGRISE, developed by CNR-IGG (Italy) takes advantage of the ‘Connect’ OpenAIRE application, offering numerous research products from different content providers in the geothermal research domain. Each entry within EGRISE is meticulously cataloged with comprehensive metadata, including Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), facilitating easy identification and retrieval. Moreover, publications marked as ‘Open Access’ are available for download, promoting widespread dissemination of knowledge.

Access the new EGRISE!