Database of Internal Stakeholders version 1

Deliverable D3.4 consists of database development to manage the members (internal stakeholders) of ETIP-Geothermal effectively. This tool is indispensable for maintaining current and relevant data to inform the members regarding ETIP’s activities and extending invitations to participate in the drafting of strategic documents and the activities of the ETIP/Working Group. The primary beneficiaries of this database include the ETIP Secretariat, members of the executive and steering committees, and the leaders of the working groups.

Moreover, the database can be used to track stakeholder involvement in ETIP-Geothermal. For this reason, fields have been included to monitor the evolution of the number of active members and the number of members of specific categories.

The database also includes fields to manage the personal data of the ETIP- Geothermal members according to the conditions laid out in Directive (EU) 2016/680. For the ETIP-Geothermal, data collection is limited to contact details and information needed to monitor stakeholders’ involvement. Each new member consented to use their contact when signing up.

Signing up for the ETIP-Geothermal is done through a form on the website ( An email is automatically generated by the webpage and sent to for input in the member’s database. Manual entry of new registrations allows the secretariat to screen applications for membership before granting them access to the website and including them in mailing lists. The database is shared with the secretariat, the members of the executive and steering committees and the working group leader through a shared site for data exchange.

Full document is available here.