Webinar: Updates on Drilling for Geothermal

EGEC was pleased to organise the ETIP Geothermal Webinar: Updates on Drilling for Geothermal” on the 21st April 2023.

According to EGEC’s upcoming Market Report , more than 30 wells will be drilled in the next 3-5 years for Geothermal electricity power plants, and more than 100 wells will be drilled for heating projects. Additionally, more projects in the planning phase will require drilling operations by 2030.



Geothermal Drilling Market 2022 and Forecasts for 2023-2026 
Philippe Dumas, EGEC, Secretary General [PRESENTATION]

ETIP Geothermal Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda: Chapter on drilling

Session 1 : Drilling design and technologies (50 min)
Chair: Miklos Antics, GPC-IP, co-leader of the WG on drilling [PRESENTATION]

Jahanshah Karimibirgani, Drilling professional [PRESENTATION]
Henning Hansen, UmbiliDrill AS by Aarbakke Innovation [PRESENTATION]
Alexander Frantisek Zvrskovec, Dividend Industries AB [PRESENTATION]
Colin Brown, Eavor Technologies Inc. [PRESENTATION]

Q & A session

Session 2 : Drilling design and technologies (50 min)
Chair: Laurent Escare, Storengy, co-leader of the WG on drilling

Volker Wittig, Fraunhofer IEG [PRESENTATION]
Naveen Velmurugan, Mines Paris
Volker Wittig, Fraunhofer IEG [PRESENTATION]
Christofer Friberg, MontLibre Group [PRESENTATION]

Q & A session

After a presentation on the drilling market and technology trends and forecasts, the two sessions were held on updates on drilling design and technologies.


PART 1 [until Mr Karimi Birgani’s presentation]


PART 2 [until end of webinar]

April 21, 2023

TIME: 10:00

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