Report on Competitiveness of the geothermal industry

The deep geothermal industry is structured around several key technologies that focus either on the production of heating and cooling or on that of electricity or for cogeneration of heat and electricity (CHP, Combined Heat and Power). As a heavily capital-intensive investment, the value chain of the geothermal sector is overwhelmingly concentrated around the project development phases. Altogether the geothermal industry may be subdivided in several subsectors, which correspond broadly to a given aspect of geothermal projects: subsurface industry from exploration to well completion, including reservoir management; surface industry for the construction of surface equipment; legal and financial industry. The deep geothermal industry is diverse and globally the geothermal market differs greatly from one area to another. Historical so-called “high temperature” markets tend to be structured differently that others with more recent development more focused around heating and cooling projects.


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