Geothermal IWG Annual Progress Report 2022-23

This report aims to present activities and achievements of the Geothermal Implementation Working Group. The deliverable provides an overview of work performed from September 2022 to the end of August 2023 (deliverable D2.2 Geothermal IWG Annual Progress Report 2022-23, Task 2.1). During this period, the Geothermal IWG organised several meetings for its members, including one in-person meeting in Reykjavik, Iceland. The revision of the Implementation Plan was finalised (deliverable D2.1), and the 2023 SET Plan Report was submitted. Work package 2 is designed to strengthen, monitor, and expand the collaboration in the DG-IWG. This includes to offer the Implementation Working Group strategic support to build a durable and long-lasting European research and innovation environment for the development of geothermal energy.

The full document is available here.