EGRISE 2.0 Report

The EGRISE 2.0 report presents an empowered version of the European Geothermal Research & Innovation Search Engine (EGRISE), designed to facilitate the discovery of research products within the geothermal research domain. Supported by key organisations including ETIP-Geotherm and CNR-IGG, EGRISE 2.0 offers over 8,000 publications, tools, and datasets from EU-funded geothermal projects and the global geothermal community.

EGRISE 2.0 uses the ‘Connect’ OpenAIRE application, ensuring comprehensive metadata for each entry, including Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), for easy identification and retrieval. Thanks to OpenAIRE, EGRISE is a quickly expanding network of publications, data, software, and grants that are useful for planning research and innovation in the geothermal sector.

The platform features a user-friendly interface with advanced search capabilities, allowing users to refine searches based on various criteria such as title, author, and abstract. The tool includes comprehensive filtering options to enhance the search experience further, allowing users to access relevant research products efficiently.
Compared to EGRISE 1.0, this tool includes significant upgrades to both front- and back-end functionalities, including user interface enhancements, accessibility improvements, and the integration of an updated search tool.

In conclusion, EGRISE 2.0 represents a significant advancement in geothermal research product discovery, with a robust platform with comprehensive features.

Discover the European Geothermal RD&I Document Search Engine (EGRISE) here.