Annual Monitoring report on the RD&I activities and their impacts

The budget allocated to Geothermal technologies was lower for the period 2021-2022 than the average bi-annual budget in H2020 programme. During H20220 framework programme in the period 2014-2020, the funding was:

  • total costs of R&I geothermal projects in the category Low Carbon Energy = 350 €mio, and EU contribution of 248 €mio so 70% EU contribution and about 35,5 €mio EU contribution/year
  • SME instrument: 2.5 €mio EU contribution
  • Other H2020 than LCE topics, geothermal projects: 124 €mio costs and 107 €mio EU contribution 86% contribution and 15 €mio/year

For the programme Geothermica, the calls 1 represented a total cost of 43,79 €mio, public contribution of 23 €mio and private cofunding of 20.79 €mio = 53% public co-funding.
In the second additional call, seven projects were funded, four as Type A- large trans-national demonstration projects with a total budget of €19 million; and three Type B- smaller trans-national research and innovation projects with a total budget of €5 million. The total budget funding in this second additional joint call is around M€ 39- which 61% supported by GEOTHERMICA Call 2 Consortium.

The budget available for Joint Call 2021 from each National Funding Agency was approximately 32million €.In the programme Interreg, the total costs was of 29.9 €mio, with a public contribution of 20.1 €mio and private contribution of 9.8 €mio = 67 % co-funding.In total, the R&I geothermal projects costs were about 500 €mio: the Public contribution of 350 €mio and 150 €mio from the private, so around 73 % public contribution. It represents about 52 €mio per year and about 180 projects funded in 7 years, circa 25 projects per year.

Full report available here.