ETIP-DG at the SET Plan Conference

On Friday, December 1st, EGEC Secretary General Philippe Dumas represented the ETIP-DG at the 10th annual SET Plan Conference & 11th Central European Energy Conference (CEEC XI) organised  in Bratislava, Slovakia, under the auspices of the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the EU, in the Panel “Leadership in renewables”.

The panel assessed the ambitious goal of the EU envisaged by the Action 1 and 2 of the Integrated SET Plan to sustain its global technological leadership in the field of developing highly performant renewable technologies and their integration in the EU’s energy system as well as reducing the cost of key energy technologies.

Philippe Dumas, who gave a presentation on Being the world leader in developing the next generation of Geothermal technologies, remarked on the need, in order to achieve a carbon free economy, to “dedicate more RD&I budget for flexible RES generation and RES heating and cooling”.

He also addressed the issue of fossil fuels subsidies. “In many programmes, we keep subsiding fossil fuels technologies,” said Mr Dumas. “If we want to remain n°1 in renewables, the first thing Europe has to do is to stop all these subsidies now.”

The complete video of the panel is available on the conference website.