A recap of the ETIP Geothermal Annual Conference 2023 – Presentations available!  

The vibrant city of Pisa, Italy, hosted the ETIP Geothermal Annual Conference 2023 from November 21 to 22, where members gathered for two days of enriching discussions and valuable insights. Attendees seized the opportunity to connect with industry peers, share ideas, and participate in engaging social activities. 

The conference featured a robust agenda full of insightful presentations and funding discussions, making it a pivotal event in the geothermal energy sector. Throughout the two days, participants delved into groundbreaking research and innovation results across various sessions. 

Discover the presentations available below!  

Day 1 – Tuesday, 21 of November 2023 

Discover ETIP Geothermal and its activities 

  • Presentation available here.  

Towards a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda on Geothermal Technologies 

  • JD van Wees – Presentation of the SRIA available here.  

Working Group activities 2022-2023 

  • WG 1: Georesources assessment – Presentation available here
  • WG 2: Well Technologies – Presentation available here
  • WG 3: Power Systems (Marco Baresi, Riccardo Corsi) – Presentation available here.  
  • WG 4: H&C Systems – Presentation available here.  
  • Inputs to WG 4: Heating and Cooling – Presentation available here.  
  • WG 5-6-7-8: Resources sustainable management and data and knowledge sharing – Presentation available here.  

A Vision for Geothermal in 2040-2050  

  • Presentation available here.  

Funding opportunities for R&I in geothermal 

  • Emil Martini (EGEC) – Presentation onLessons learned on recent Horizon Europe calls” available here.  
  • Adele Manzella (CNR) – Presentation of “GEOTHERM FORA activities and products” available here.  

Review of R&I project results 

A segment of the conference was dedicated to the presentation of eight project results from the Call for Presentation. This session provided a platform for sharing the outcomes of cutting-edge projects, contributing to the collective knowledge of the geothermal community. 

  • Deep U: RED, Luc Pockelé – Presentation available here.  
  • COMPASS Project: COSVIG, Dario Bonciani – Presentation available here
  • Hottest and Deepest Geothermal Electric Submersible Pump Application 230°C at 1700m: SLB, Nicolas Monier / Valerio Tomassetti – Presentation available here.   
  • xGeo SaaS: MontLibre Group, Christofer Friberg – Presentation available here.  
  • Visualization and risk analysis of the selection and operation process of the Geothermal Energy Buffer: Pluton DG, Antoine Jeannou – Presentation available here.  
  • Tackling Geothermal Well Challenges: Laboratory Formulation of a Multifunctional Inhibitor: CHIMEC, Ernesto Petteruti – Presentation available here.  
  • HOCLOOP Project on closed loop borehole geothermal energy: University of Florence (SERG Group), Daniele Fiaschi – Presentation available here.  
  • GECO project on lower emissions from geothermal power: University of Florence, Giampaolo Manfrida – Presentation available here.  

Day 2 – Wednesday, 22 of November 2023 

Roundtable discussion on Research and Innovation to accelerate the geothermal market deployment 

  • IWG on geothermal: Gerdi Breembroek – Presentation available here.  
  • EGEC: Marco Baresi – Presentation available here.  

Specifically, the conference highlighted advancements in geothermal projects’ to de-risk through innovations such as closed-loop and single wells technologies. Another focal point was the innovation in high-temperature heat pumps, showcasing the latest developments in this critical aspect of geothermal energy systems. 

Session Updates on innovation: Closed loop systems 

  • EAVOR loop in Gerestried: Ryan Martin – Presentation available here.  
  • Green Therma closed loop projects in Demark: Kim Gunn Maver – Presentation available here.  
  • Baker Hugues about Wells2Watts: Francesco Di Credico – Presentation available here.  

Session Updates on innovation: High-temperature Heat Pumps  

  • Case of High-temperature Heat Pumps in GEO4CIVHIC: Luc Pockelé, RED srl – Presentation available here.  

Geothermal Facilities Symposium  

  • Marco Baresi – Presentation available here.  

Overall, the ETIP Geothermal Annual Conference 2023 proved to be an essential conference for industry professionals, fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and a collective vision for the future of geothermal energy.