Policy and regulations: overview and priorities for deep geothermal

The DG ETIP project, supporting the activities of the ETIP-DG, has released two documents analysing the policy and regulatory framework for the deep geothermal and highlighting the strategic priorities for the upcoming decades.

Framework for RD&I

The document proposes a general overview of the regulatory and policy framework at the European level for deep geothermal energy, notably considering RD&I and environmental impacts. It also explores several case studies of support frameworks for deep geothermal energy at the national level. These case studies notably underline the importance of programming in supporting the emergence of deep geothermal in new market, and of dedicated facilities such as geological risk insurance schemes.

The analysis has produced three maps offering a comprehensive glance of the regulatory framework for deep geothermal at European level.

View and download the document here

Strategic planning document for policy activities

The document is intended to provide guidance to the Policy Working Group of the ETIP-DG, by identifying a policy timeline as well as a list of actions to be undertaken. The analysis  come as the EU is finishing the negotiation on the legislative framework for climate and energy after 2020, and allocating public funding for the 2021-2027 period.

View and download the document here